General Instructions

In order to observe vrata, following are instructions need to be followed:

  • Hari Naam Japa – chanting Hare Krishna Mahamantra. In order to properly observe any Vrata, one needs to properly chant Hare Krishna mahamantra and increase it on the Vrata day or month.
  • Eat only Krishna Prasadam and following the eating restrictions based on specific Vrata
  • Daily offer lamps to Lord
  • Practice celibacy
  • Worship of Tulsidevi
  • Perform austerities. Cutting nails, having a haircut, shaving, applying oil, using shampoo or lotion and any kind of body maintenances supposed to be avoided.
  • No sleeping during day.
  • Performing extra kirtans and listening to Harikatha

Kesav Vrata

The Kesav Vrata is a month long event observed in the month of Vaishak, starting on the last day of Chaitra, that is 14th April and ends on Akshya Tritiya. The Vrata or event is all about glofying Vrinda Devi or Tulasi Devi. She plays an eminent role in Lord Krishna's pastimes. According Vedic scriptures, without her blessings one cannot progress in Krishna Bhakti. So, devotional services to Vrinda Devi is very important for all devotees. In this month long Vrata, Vrinda Devi or Tulasi is carefully planted and then watered in such a way that a pot with a hole is held high over the plant and water drops slowly on the plant throughout the day.

In Devananda Gaudiya Math, Kesav Vrata commences with a special Tulasi Puja. Inmates of the Math actively initiate the Tulsi puja, Abhishekam and Vrinda Devi Stotram (songs) are performed with lot of excitement. She is dressed in a gown and decorated beautifully. Pujari offers various food items to Vrinda Devi after that Aarati is carried out with Vrinda Devi Kirtan followed by Sri Mandir and Vrinda Devi Pradiksana.

Charturmasya Vrata

Charturmasya Vrata is observed for four months starting from the month of Sravan Purnima and ending on Raas Purnima of Kartik every year. Devotees from different part of world either travel to Nabadwip Dham or Vrindavan or stay at home to observe this Vrat. Devotees abstain from Brinjal, Bottle guard, fla

Damodar Vrata

Damodar Vrata is observed on the month of Kartik every year. Devotee refrain from honey, sesame seeds, sesame oils, hing, eggplant, pickles, red rajma beans, urad dahl, bottle guard, pointed guard (patal), drum stick, soyabeans, sunflower oil, mustard and its products like oil, sause, dressing.

Purushottam Vrata

It is the extra month or mal maas in Surya Calendar. Vaishnavas observe this pious month with very strict diet.

Ekadashi & Mahadvadashi Vrata

There are 26 Ekadashis and 8 Mahadwadashis. On these Vratas devotee refrain from any kind of grains, leafy vegetables, lentils, beans, peas, honey, hing, honey, pickles, seeds and their products like sunflower oil, mustard oil, seasame oil, etc

Vishnu Avatar Avirbhav Tithi Vrata

All of these Vratas are observed exactly like Ekadashi Vrata. Dasa Avatar Stotram and other kirtans related to the occasion are sung on these days. Special discourses on the specific Avatar is given on that day. Special food items are prepared and offered to the deities. Devotees will have Mahaprashad the next day.

  • Ram Navami – Tithi on which Sri Ram appeared in this world.
  • Chaitanya Mahaprabhu Avirbhav
  • Nrisimha Chaturdashi
  • Baladev Purnima
  • Krishna Janmastami
  • Radha Astami
  • Nityananda Trayodashi
  • Advaita Saptami
  • Varah & Vaman Dvadashi
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