How do you know they are stealing from others credit cards to pay?

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June 19, 2022
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June 19, 2022

How do you know they are stealing from others credit cards to pay?

How do you know they are stealing from others credit cards to pay?

Jason: That’s a good suggestion I’m not sure if they’re the same thing but I’ve heard of the Internet Fraud Complaint Center in addition to the Internet Crime Complaint Center.

Very interesting posts! Does anyone know about another “system” called “private-income”. They ask you for $5 that goes to your 1st up line person the ask for another $32 that is spread to others upline. Then they ask you to go thru alot of stuff to “publish” your own site and join the levels of payouts? Anyone have info on this program?

well, I invested $375 today and didn’t get anything back. I did receive the smaller amounts back. I was never frozen with paypa or reversed.

maybe going to the media would be a good idea as well. the more people that know about this scam the better.

I contacted e-gold ant they shut down accounts as fast as they can find them. Anyone know about real trade

I wonder if this guy runs this too. All I can say anything that deals with you giving e-gold to someone else first can be lost. You can’t get the e-gold back. I sent some harsh e-mails to this waste of blood who runs dblcash

update: He refunded my money this morning and doubled it. It took several e-mail and a complaint to the above link one of you recommended.

When they send you the payments, they are in turn using stolen money from either hijacked paypal accounts or stole credit cards

Dan: You’re playing with fire here. I would suggest you stop making any more payments, because you’re not going to come out ahead with these guys.

This is definately a scam. The idea of investing e-gold investing is not uncommon, but what they are doing is HIGHLY uncommon and impossible (coming from an e-gold investor). What happens you send them money via E-gold. Since E-gold can’t be reversed, by you sending them e-gold they are getting free money. They, in turn, send you “payment” via Paypal. To you, you see it as profit and continue converting funds into E-gold and sending them money. Eventually, someone is going to notice their money missing and start a charge-back (either on your account or someone elses). Paypal will then reverse ALL money paid with that account/card. Thus, if you were paid with it, your money will be frozen until they eventually reverse it.

Paypal IS NOT the best place to receive money since Paypal has the right to reverse anything for any reason (you agree to this in their policy). Thus, if anyone sends you money, they can potentially reverse it and you would end up with nothing. Since you are not physically sending them any good, you are not covered by Paypal protection. Thus, if your account does end up negative, you are responsible for it, not Paypal.

Dblcash has operated this ring for a long time. The last site they used (before this one) was Double-hourly. Same site, same webpage, same everything.

However, what you don’t know is that the accounts that they send you money from are either hijacked or are created on the fly and are funded with Stolen Credit cards

There are other (legit) ways of investing e-gold. Anyone offering to pay you 200% (100% plus principle) in one hour is doing nothing more than scamming you.

Didn’t you read the rip-off report? The guy e-mailed one of the paypal users who had sent him money and she e-mailed him back saying that someone had used her paypal account and stolen her money.

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