As well we have seen Honderich’s campaign to claim credit for Ernest Hemingway, page after page after page, wasted

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June 18, 2022
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June 18, 2022

As well we have seen Honderich’s campaign to claim credit for Ernest Hemingway, page after page after page, wasted

As well we have seen Honderich’s campaign to claim credit for Ernest Hemingway, page after page after page, wasted

The conventional media abandon the truth years ago and now the citizenry is abandoning them. The net media has busted out and advertisers are much aware of the change. But on the net governments and advertisers have zilch clout. They can’t cloud the news or monkey with the facts. The newspapers hereabouts are as good as gone. It is only a matter of which one dies first and the financial mess when they go. I suggest to investors, get your money out while the getting is good. Years ago I was concerned about the papers. Their demise did not have to happen. But greed has continued unabated and there has been a refusal to accept that their assault on the truth was unsustainable because it was and is unacceptable.

Which then hurts the rest of Canada and especially Ontario

So many problems to tackle and the papers have wasted so much paper and ink. The Globe wasted half a page on the cost of keeping a dog and then more space devoted to having a reporter ride the St. Clair street car. The Star had a young unpaid reporter steal his own bike, pictures and all. I think it was the Post that had a half page piece about picking up dog poop in the park. This is an organized campaign to distract voters. Ontario is suffering from cancer, nuclear cancer which had destroyed the Provinces economy. No mention in the conventional media. The tar sands, a vauable oil resource whose reputation has been killed by the US oil cartel NOT CLEANING UP ITS’ MESSES.

The US oil cartel tried to steal $ 100 million in royalties from Alberta. And on it goes, unreported. The ad media could only fool the people for so long. Now the chicken have come home to roost. Personally I say good riddance.

The con

TOM MULCAIR – He made comments about the Dutch elm disease as it related to the tar sands creating a strong dollar. On the CBC both John Ivison and Bruce Anderson said the Mulcair’s comments were a misstep and could hurt him with voters. John Ivison is a Scot who came to Canada 15 years ago and got a job with Conrad Black. I read him often and have seen him on TV. Without the fear of contradiction, in term of this Country Ivison doesn’t know his ass from a hole in the ground. Anderson is in the polling business and is looking for work anywhere he can find it. He comes across as pure Pablum which will never upset even the weakest stomach or customer.

Anderson never says anything and say it very often. The way the tar sands is being run by the US oil cartel is bad for all Canadians. The various names of oil firms we see is just smoke and mirrors. They are all little bits of the same cartel and the multitude of names is just meant to confuse Albertans / Canadians. The conventional media is well paid to confuse and misinform. American fracked nat. Most of the wells are shut off and there is a ton of nat. The 2 provinces get NO ROYALTIES IF THEIR GAS DOESN’T SELL. Fracked pure oil found in the USA [ Montana / N. Dakota ] along with falling demand for gasoline Stateside has killed Alberta’s / Saskatchewan’s oil market for pure oil as well as oil made from bitument in situ.

Business is business. So there is a whole can of rotten worms that will impact Alberta / Sakatchewan but Ivison and Anderson apparently don’t know about. And they are so stupid that they probably wouldn’t understand if I told them. The conventional media in this Country won’t even go near this subject. However the cartel does want Alberta’s raw tar / lighter fluid [ at less than $ 40 a barrel ] [ low royalties ] [ no environmental cleanup ] to restart heavy oil refineries in Port Arthur Texas and California. Both US places have weak to no environmental regulations and once refined the resulting oil will be sold to the highest bidder. Due to this dirty American process the planet will be poisoned even more.

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