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Plenty Of Fish Dating Site (POF) Review

Plenty Of Fish Dating Site (POF) Review

With the rise and subsequent spread of the Internet around the world, beginning in the mid-2000’s emerged online dating websites and applications where single men and women looking for relationships or even true love could sign-up to these pages, view pictures, and send messages to those members of the opposite sex (or same sex) who they were interested in getting to know better. The main point of online dating is to get offline and actually meet those men or woman who you are interested in meeting and maybe starting a relationship with. Plenty of Fish is one of those online dating sites that have gained prominence and popularity over the years.


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Plenty of Fish was one of the first online dating sites and has been around for almost fifteen years. Markus Frind, who is a German entrepreneur and the founder and CEO of Plenty of Fish, started the online dating website in 2003. Since the founding of Plenty of Fish in 2003, the company has seen exponential growth in both memberships and revenue. The headquarters of the company is located in Vancouver, Canada and there are about seventy-five employees who work in ming. Most recently, in , Plenty of Fish was sold to The Match Group for about $600 million dollars. This is notable because Match Group Inc. is an internet-based company that also owns other popular online dating sites such as OKCupid, Tinder, and Match. It is estimated that Plenty of Fish is the 2 nd most popular online dating site on the Internet after Match with about 23 million unique members using the website each month. It is estimate that there are about 32 million members registered to use Plenty of Fish as well.

In addition to its millions of registered users, Plenty of Fish gets over two billion unique page views per month. Plenty of Fish isn’t just for serious relationships but can also be used for casual dating as well as building new friendships. Plenty of Fish was started in the United States but has since spread over the past decade to other countries such as the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, New Zealand, Spain, and many more nations. Also, a useful aspect of this dating site is that it comes in multiple languages such as English, French, Spanish, Italian, and German. If you’re looking to meet men or women in other countries outside of your own, Plenty of Fish gives you that opportunity to do so.

Costs of Membership

Another positive aspect to the website’s background is that most of the features are free. With a free membership, you can still take advantage of setting up your own personal profile, searching for other members, and communicating with them if they peak your interest. You can also view your matches, see who views your profile, and change and add to your profile pictures. A paid upgrade will allow you to access additional features such as ad removal, accessing gifts to purchase for interested members, and being able to buy Goldfish credits, which are unique to Plenty of Fish.

An upgraded membership to POF will cost about $7 a month for a one-year subscription, while six months will cost a bit more at $9 a month, and a three-month membership will cost about $13 a month. Ultra Match, adding profile themes, and getting your profile highlighted are other attractive reasons why certain POF users decide to upgrade their membership. Goldfish credits can cost between $10-$40 for anywhere from 90 to 700 credits which can be billed to your credit card for a one-time purchase. Goldfish credits can be used to buy gifts for–72.jpg” alt=”seznamovací aplikace pro více než 60 let”> members whom you like or are interested in, and be used for accessing Ice Breakers’ if you are not sure what to say to prospective dates or friends.

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