But wait, they gets worse ( oh, cm on admit they, you like this !

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But wait, they gets worse ( oh, cm on admit they, you like this !

But wait, they gets worse ( oh, cm on admit they, you like this !

Still Here .

This has been a very long time since my personal latest article, so if anyone is still reading this website, I just wanna show you we are live and well in Eugene Oregon. The event would not do in order to great economically though we made most connections that’ll hopefully getting panning out into good ventures for us soon. Like a potential production felting gig for a shoemaker.

Thanks for all the features for computers repair works. All of our desktop is repaired and at some type of computer shop in medford Oregon where it’s going to remain until we’ve 230 cash to get it straight back. The issue is that a lot of of this cash we’d already been creating is from etsy and various other web marketing, which we clearly require a pc to control. It’s a revolving door horror example, but our company is undertaking our very own best to remain posotive and keep the possibilities available.

At the moment the audience is in beautiful Eugene Oregon sticking to friends on numerous items of land and attempting to work through our everyday life and funds. All of our e-mail services and website might turned-off for falure to pay . Meanwhile to transmit a contact you are able to,

I have numerous wonderful images, tales and mind to talk about, but i’ll need certainly to let it rest as of this for the time being, as my library computer energy are running out and I also must go.


Since the audience is not certain to this region for reproductive or legal grounds ( at least for the moment anyhow) we are once again free to traveling. Unfortunately, some stuff has altered since before I happened to be pregnant and they modifications found lots of hard, though not insurmountable problems.

To begin with we no longer bring our veggie program. Secondly, the asking price of bio diesel and all of various other fuels even, have risen to ghastly newer heights. This might be all stressful further thus by the addition of our very own mentioned before Mercedes diesel. We acquired this whenever we incorrectly thought we would getting settling for some time . THAT consequently was further challenging by the proven fact that we do not posses a tow hitch nor the amount of money buying one.

The crisis from it all ..)! Not merely will we not have adequate cash to get a tow hitch, but we really do not are able to afford to push both cars upwards north where we can make some funds employed a number of projects.

After a couple of moments of worry and misunderstandings we seated all the way down and believe items through a little. We thought of offering the automobile, this will present about 3-4000. Then again the automobile will truly come in handy at some of these remote campsites I will be gonna. Additionally, when we would find a property base of kinds any time in the near future, the vehicle would once more actually come in handy. After considering through all kinds of choice- we left nothing out actually, such as the increasingly tempting one (Moss’s preferred)of trading and investing all vehicles for a wagon and six mules- we chosen at least for the present time anyhow, keeping the vehicle and playground the bus at a friends quarters for 14 days. We are going to after that drive the automobile up north where we’ve some initiative are employed in Washington. After a couple of days Moss will need a greyhound down south, find the coach up and mind north in which Sage and I also might be prepared, most likely in hotel. When this occurs we will be from inside the stunning northwest part, area of many free of charge and low priced campsites. Right here we’re going to remain for a few several months, maybe much longer doing material to bring on Faerie Worlds event in July. It creates me personally sad that individuals need set the bus, nonetheless it will simply end up being for around a couple weeks.

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